Top5: Time Travel Films

TT.pngGreat Scott, Marty! Look at the time, It’s Back To The Future Day, Marty! And to celebrate Ryan Watches Films is doing a Top5 countdown to THE best time travel movies. Yes! it’s finally here, the event 30 years in the making. It’s finally the day that Doc and Marty travelled to the future in the hit time travel film ‘Back To The future II’. The 21 of October 2015 at 7:29, the same time this article is being released, is when two of the greatest characters caused havoc and rampage in their misadventure to help Marty Mcfly’s kids. Continue reading


The Walk. A High-Rise Of Tension.

The Walk.png

Probably the most underrated film of the year, ‘The Walk’ is a well produced theatrical masterpiece that documents one of the greatest high-wire artists of all time. However, this isn’t the first film to be made about the incredibly illegal act that Philippe Petit performed. Back in 2008, British director James Marsh created a 94 minute documentary of Philippe’s Twin Tower walk using interviews, found footage and skillfully created re-enactments. The documentary is a masterpiece in itself, conveying a series of emotions and detailing the struggle that Philippe and his collaborators went through during the 6 years of planning. ‘Man On Wire’ received an impeccable 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so If you’re thinking of watching ‘The Walk’ then I highly suggest you watch this documentary as well. So the question is, was ‘The Walk’ a balancing act or a leisurely stroll? Continue reading

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. A’maze’ingly Underwhelming.


As the thunderous drumming commenced and the golden tinted logo panned the screen I could already tell that this was going to be an underwhelming experience. I scrunched in my seat as the overly dramatic symphony echoed the cinema and a range of hypnotic colours flashed before me. There I was with my legs crossed and my hands clawed together as if I was in a meeting, unphased by what was projecting on the oversized screen. I had my doubts about Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’, the fact that I had not watched the previous films along with the sub-par reviews caused me to become overly cautious of what I was about to watch. Based on the popular book franchise these movies try to capitalise on the fans of apocalyptic thrillers and ridiculous fast-paced action sequences. Admittedly, I am one who enjoys this exhausted genre of film and as I continued to watch I found myself engaged in what was happening, though it was difficult to understand.

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Danny And The Human Zoo. A Bostin’ Film Ay it?

DATHZBeing someone who has grown up and lived around the Black Country area, ‘Danny And The Human Zoo’ hit very close to home. Lenny Henry, who grew up in Dudley, has diverged from his comedic routes to produce a truly dramatic yet entertaining short film based around his experiences growing up into showbusiness. Lenny is mostly known of his charity work for the organisation Comic Relief, which he co-founded alongside Richard Curtis. Aside from this, Lenny was extremely influential in the comedy scene producing and starring in shows such as ‘The Lenny Henry Show’, ‘Tizwas’ and ‘Three of a Kind’ and has also made an appearance in the immensely popular fantasy film ‘Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban’.

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Rick And Morty. Rick-diculously Entertaining.

RAM.pngWUBALUBADUBDUB! Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon may well have created one of the most inventive and entertaining cartoons of the decade – No, the millennium. Witty, silly and dark humour combined with slapstick, action and a large dollop of Si-Fi makes for a stew of fun, crazy and dangerous misadventures. Rick And Morty has to be one of my favourite adult cartoons ever due to its hilarious writing and amazing animation. Rick Sanchez, a sociopathic alcoholic scientist uses his genius for no good but his only personal gain to create devices that the likes of Spock and Doctor Who would be jealous of. Fueled by woman, danger and Flurbos, Morty travels the galaxies creating a trail of chaos and destruction along the way. Rick is accompanied by his less than competent grandson Morty that unwillingly aids him on his quests, Morty is a good natured teenage boy who is easily influenced by his drunken ill mouthed grandfather. Together they travel the universe, getting into a whole lot of trouble.

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Better than a BAFTA, cooler than an Oscar. I received A liebster Award!

LAFirst of all I would like to say thank you to Little Calico, JoetakesPhotos and Looking For Happiness who nominated me for this award in which I am eternally grateful. I do recommend you checkout her blog where she reviews everything from books to restaurants, but also talks about her daily life. I would also like to thank my readers who painstakingly follow my blog, who without them I wouldn’t be writing this, nor my blog for that matter.

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