Top5: Time Travel Films

TT.pngGreat Scott, Marty! Look at the time, It’s Back To The Future Day, Marty! And to celebrate Ryan Watches Films is doing a Top5 countdown to THE best time travel movies. Yes! it’s finally here, the event 30 years in the making. It’s finally the day that Doc and Marty travelled to the future in the hit time travel film ‘Back To The future II’. The 21 of October 2015 at 7:29, the same time this article is being released, is when two of the greatest characters caused havoc and rampage in their misadventure to help Marty Mcfly’s kids.

5) Hot Tub Time Machine

Four Pals Who miraculously travel back to 1986 via a malfunctioning time machine disguised as a Hot Tub must relive a fateful night to ensure their nephew is born. Staring John Cusack and Clark Duke this humorous take on time travel is a must watch. Its silly humour along with its slapstick style creates an easy to watch film, Certainly it’s not the best film on this list but it is for sure an lively movie that doesn’t require that you pay attention to. Despite it’s poor rating on IMDb I feel that this is a great film and definitely one that you can watch when you’re lounging around or when you’re having friends over which is why it earns fifth place on this list.

4) Donnie Darko

This Tim Burton esc take on time travel comes in at number 4 on my list with it’s funny, yet distinctly mind-bending narrative that is incredibly fun to watch. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie Darko, a boy with a mental illness that causes him to hallucinate an creepily dark rabbit figure that joins him along this supernatural journey. Honestly this film isn’t for the fain of heart however I do suggest you check it out because it genuinely is a great film to watch.

3) Terminator

Who doesn’t like Arnie’s Appearance in The Terminator. This bad-ass character along with his robotic attitude creates a film that isn’t only high in action, but also humorous. Terminator, and Arnie have aged incredibly well and is still enjoyable to this day.  A film that is far superior to it’s sequels and reboots defines why this movie is so good. Its story and narrative balances well with the violence and action that comes with it which is why it’s placed number 3 on my list.

2) Groundhog Day

Perhaps one of Bill Murray’s best films, Groundhog day is without a doubt a great film that is full of humour and charm. Bill Murray plays Phil, A weatherman that finds himself stuck living the same day over and over again see this as an advantage to finally live. I love this film and defiantly recommend that you watch it, if you haven’t already. It’s a great family film that manages to still entertain to this day despite it being 22 years old.

1) Back To The Future I, II, III

Topping my list at No.1 is without a doubt the Back To The Future Trilogy. These films paved the way for not only comedic science-fiction cinema, but also inspired technological advancements. Without Back To The Future II, I doubt we would see products such as Google Glass or even Hover-boards, and perhaps even true 3D. Although just simple humour these films manage to capture audiences from all over the world with it’s charming and eccentric characters along with it’s humorous, yet exaggerated prediction of the year 2015. I love these films more and more every time I watch them, which is why it deems first place on my list.

This Top5 was suggested by Hammad Rais! If you have a idea for a Top5 I should do then leave me a comment. Don’t Forget to LIKE and SHARE this blog! Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Top5: Time Travel Films

  1. Been totally geeking out all day over it being Back to the Future Day. AND we’ve managed to book tickets for Star Wars opening night, whilst watching BTTF 2! Double win 🙂
    Good list – love time travel, although it always hurts my head and think every film should come with an obligatory flip chart and pointy stick to help you understand. Do you rate Looper?


    1. I’ll have to watch them, after all they were before my ‘time’. I have to agree that this top5 wasn’t perfect however I haven’t watched many time travel films myself. The genre seems a bit saturated and would love to see more. I’ll have to check out your suggestions!


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