Rick And Morty. Rick-diculously Entertaining.

RAM.pngWUBALUBADUBDUB! Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon may well have created one of the most inventive and entertaining cartoons of the decade – No, the millennium. Witty, silly and dark humour combined with slapstick, action and a large dollop of Si-Fi makes for a stew of fun, crazy and dangerous misadventures. Rick And Morty has to be one of my favourite adult cartoons ever due to its hilarious writing and amazing animation. Rick Sanchez, a sociopathic alcoholic scientist uses his genius for no good but his only personal gain to create devices that the likes of Spock and Doctor Who would be jealous of. Fueled by woman, danger and Flurbos, Morty travels the galaxies creating a trail of chaos and destruction along the way. Rick is accompanied by his less than competent grandson Morty that unwillingly aids him on his quests, Morty is a good natured teenage boy who is easily influenced by his drunken ill mouthed grandfather. Together they travel the universe, getting into a whole lot of trouble.

Justin Roiland Voices both Rick and Morty as well as a slew of other intriguing characters, without these particular voices the show would lose its charm and character, so much effort goes into these voice that Justin actually drinks carbonated water on set so he can burp whilst reading Rick’s lines. Justin has also worked on shows such as ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘House Of Cosbys’. The original concept for the show came from a short he produced for the film festival ‘Channel 101’ named ‘Doc and Marti’, which was satirical parody of the pop culture time travel film ‘Back To The Future’. Although much more disturbing and dark than the finalised ‘Rick And Morty’ it’s still fun to watch and oddly entertaining. Writer Dan Harmon who was approached by [adult swim] saw Justin’s passion for his two characters and decided to collaborate with him to turn it into a more fleshed out and entertaining show which we now know as ‘Rick And Morty’. Dan Harmon is best known for his work on the american sitcom ‘Community’ so it was without a doubt that this was something he wanted to work on. The two work incredibly well together, sharing their own aspects and styles to create a truly entertaining show.

Animation is somewhat similar to the simplistically detailed and colourful styles of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Gravity Falls’, however Justin has said himself that he bases his work from artists such as Matt Groening, Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and J.G. Quintel (Regular Show). There are so many little details that give Rick And Morty it’s own unique design: It obtains a somewhat messy appearance that gives homage to Justin’s original short ‘Doc And Marti’, I feel this style suits the shape and tone of the show. You’ll also notice that every character’s pupils are not of a regular circle design, this is another throwback to the original short. In all, animation is fluid and astonishing to watch, maximum effort goes into every frame and there are so many wondrous background details that add to the flow and feel of the show.

Justin and Dan work together to write some of the most entertaining and humorous episodes to a show I have ever watched. Somehow they manage to juggle science, comedy, action and even a bit of drama into each episode making for a show that anyone can enjoy. Their writing style is unique, creating some ridiculous ideas. I love how one moment it can be an extremely joyous scene and then the next second it can turn really dark, it really surprises and shocks the audience, making for a unpredictable show. I also enjoy how show breaks the 4th wall by making reference to itself and even directing dialog towards the audience. Overall the writing is fantastic and immensely original. See what i’m on about in the clip below:

Now if you live in any other country but the US you might have difficulties trying to watch ‘Rick And Morty’ due to the fact that it hasn’t yet been broadcasted outside of America. However there are ways you can watch it. You can view a few episodes of the show on [Adult Swim]’s website located HERE. Another way is by pirating it, it must be said that I NEVER condemn piracy but if you can’t wait then unfortunately this may be your only option. It is ashame that the show hasn’t been given a worldwide because it truly is a spectacular show and a lot of people are missing out! I highly recommend you go and watch Rick And Morty and if you already have, watch it again. I’ve already re-watched it two times, and that’s why I rate Rick And Morty a Rick-tacular 9/10!


4 thoughts on “Rick And Morty. Rick-diculously Entertaining.

  1. “Justin Roiland Voices both Rick and Morty as well as a slew of other intriguing characters, without these particular voices the show would lose its charm and character” – it shows how much a great voice actor can bring to making a character come alive. When I watched Futurama in French it didn’t seem right hearing the voices done in a different manner to Billy West and co.

    Heard of this before, its on my to watch list – when it gets UK broadcasting!

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