Ted 2. Un’bear’able?


Ted 2 is exactly what you would expect for an unwanted sequel. Relatable situations, racial stereotypes and recycled jokes, not to mention the need for saying ‘Fuck’ every possible chance they get. Despite it being a comedy it really failed to make me laugh, however on occasions the writers must have realised how shit this film was and decided to insert some dark humour, celebrity cameos and pop culture references. Overall making the film look desperate. The further on I watched it the more I realised that it took the same structure of a Family Guy episode, which made the film even more predictable than it already was. I wasn’t expecting much from this sequel, and that’s exactly what I got.

Despite all its imperfections, the story was relatively well written. It was engaging enough for me to enjoy it however the lack of actual comedy caused me to become extremely bored as the movie progressed. The story goes that now married couple, Ted and Tami decide to adopt to make their marriage stronger and in doing so the law declares that this ill mouthed stuffed toy isn’t human, and is actually classified as property in the Government’s eyes. With the help of young lawyer Samantha, Ted sets out to regain his civil rights. I won’t lie, I thought this story was enjoyable and wasn’t forced just for the sake of making money from a second movie. It was structured well and easy to watch, it didn’t rely too heavily on the previous film which I liked, being that I had not watched the first Ted.


However I must point out that this was a comedy, a comedy if you we’re a 12 year old. The movie was so silly and stale that I genuinely cringed. The jokes were predictable and even recycled. Some ‘gags’ or ‘skits’ in the film were ripped right from older Family Guy episodes, which was lazy in my eyes. One example of this is the sperm bank scene, where Mark Wahlberg’s character ‘John’ falls over pulling down with him a unit littered with donated sperm, you can guess what follows. This is incredibly similar to a scene in the Family Guy episode ‘Sibling Rivalry’. You can see for yourself here:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=uilEfzadm7AOverall the majority of the comedy was dry, although it did have it’s hysterical moments. One of these being when Ted and John were at an improv show and kept shouting out inappropriate and very dark situations. As much as it made me laugh, I felt very guilty in doing so. Despite that, it was one of the most memorable scenes in the film due to it’s edgy taste and witnessing the audiences’ reaction.


There wasn’t much sponsorship in the film which I respect, Hasbro played a big part in the movie but only to progress the plot, due to Ted being an older product to the Hasbro toy line. It made sense and worked well, it was enjoyable to see a toy company take part in such an explicit film. Although due to how immature the comedy was I would say it appealed to a similar age range as hasbro’s target market. For some weird reason the Ted film enjoys promoting weed culture, which is just stupid. It tries to seem relatable and cool by doing things like this. It’s not funny, and in poor taste, it has zero comedic value and just encourages idiotic and illegal behaviour.

The casting in this film was mediocre. Of course you have your original cast from the first film: Mark Wahlberg who plays ‘John Bennett’, Jessica Barth who plays Ted’s wife ‘Tami’ and Seth MacFarlane who voices ‘Ted’. The voice of Ted was incredible similar to Peter from Family Guy, In fact the film was so much like an episode of that show they might as well of called it ‘Family Guy: The Movie’. The film also contained Amanda Seyfried who played Ted’s lawyer Samantha. The film also included a few unneeded celebrity cameos such as Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and American Football player Tom Brady. aside from the cost, these cameos added nothing to the film’s narrative.

Despite it’s surprisingly good story and likable characters it really didn’t feel like a good movie at all. It’s poor taste and lack of humour made it slow and hard to watch. If you’re a child, you might find this film funny, which is why I’m rating it a 4/10. “Yes. It is un’bear’able.”


2 thoughts on “Ted 2. Un’bear’able?

  1. I liked the first Ted, even though it was juvenile. When I saw the trailer for Ted 2 I thought “is a sequel really needed?” I haven’t seen it but it sounds like one to wait for to get on TV.

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