Top 5: Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

DOC.pngDocumentaries are slowly becoming an increasingly unappreciated form of media that really gets looked over. That’s understandable with the amount of dull nature programmes and fake shows about storage hunting, pawn shops and yukon gold. Yet beneath all that are some great films that are genuinely insightful.  Here is a list of my personal Top 5 Documentaries that you can find on Netflix.

5) Video Games The Movie

Originally a successful Kickstarter, ‘Video Games The Movie’ is a documentary about the growing popularity of video games throughout the years. Despite its ratings on Rotten Tomatoes ‘Video Games The Movie’ is a fairly interesting documentary on the history and evolution of video games. Although it may not appeal to everyone, it is a cool insight into how this popular form of entertainment has grown to what it is today. It is very thorough, which makes it interesting to watch, However some could argue that it becomes slow and challenging to view due to the vast amount of unnecessary information that is used to fill time. Being someone who enjoys retro gaming this was a great film, I appreciated the style and format they went with, including a variety of interviews from casual gamers to Atari developers, however it is defiantly for the nostalgia lovers which is probably why it wasn’t a huge success. ‘Video Games The Movie’ Is good, but it much more had much more potential.

4) The Bridge

This documentary is not for the faint hearted. ‘The Bridge’ is a chilling film about the momentous amount of suicides that occur on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge every day. It is truly a sad documentary however it’s quite interesting on a psychological and emotional level. It’s an engaging documentary, but definitely a depressing one. I appreciate how respectful it is, looking in-depth to the people who decided to take their lives by interviewing their families and closest friends. It makes you question, but also helps you understand why people go to such extremes.  It received moderately well on IMDb although there is something disturbing about watching people fall to there deaths and not being able to do anything about it. I wouldn’t suggest you watch this if your feeling down but check it out if you have the interest.

3) Best Worst Movie

This is such a fun and enjoyable documentary. Unlike the others I have chosen in this list this one is silly and crazy, but also strangely heartwarming. ‘Best Worst Movie’ is a documentary following the reunion of the cast from the movie ‘Trolls 2’, a film so hated that it was forgotten about, only to be appreciated 20 years after it’s release. The cast go around America meeting fans and promoting the ever growing love of the film franchise. A great documentary with some lovable and iconic people. The movie starts on a high and leaves on an even bigger high, making it an absolutely great experience. You feel genuine compassion towards these people which is why the film is so beloved. You NEED to watch this if you haven’t already and if you have, watch it again!

2) Bowling For Columbine

Quite a political documentary, Michael Moore investigates the columbine shooting and researches why America is such a gun happy country. it’s very in-depth and really makes you question people’s views on the connection between violence and guns. It’s a journey more than a documentary, a journey that is inspiring and intuitive. Very controversial and Moore knew this, it’s clear that he wanted to make an impact and he did, not only to the viewer but also to the media (which is why it is such a popular and well known documentary). It’s fun to watch and Moore adds a humorous nature to it, making it one of my favourite documentaries to date. It’s impossible to pick a fault with this film, which is why it is so highly regarded. so If you haven’t watched this already, then I’m shocked.

1) Louis Theroux

Any louis Theroux documentary is phenomenal. I could write an essay on why they are so good and maybe I will, however for now i’ll keep it short. They are immensely interesting and really cause you to discuss and question about topics that you wouldn’t really think about. Thats what I love about them. He always chooses controversial topics and puts an interesting perspective on it. He, like Michael Moore adds a side of dark, underhanded humour to his interviews, creating an enjoyable experience for the viewer. They are fun, serious and enlightening, everything that a documentary should be. My personal favourites include: ‘Gambling In Las Vegas’, ‘The Most Hated Family In America’, ‘Louis And The Nazis’ and his most recent: ‘By Reason Of Insanity’. They are great documentaries and I highly suggest you check all of them out.


2 thoughts on “Top 5: Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

  1. Nice list! I’m in huge agreement with you on the Theroux documentaries especially — hadn’t heard of “By Reason of Insanity” yet but I’ll be on the lookout for it. (not seeing it on the US Netflix unfortunately — I know they have different content available in different regions or something like that…)

    I’m looking forward to his upcoming Scientology documentary too — and of course to Scientology’s counter-“documentary” about Louis 🙂

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    1. Thank you! By reason of insanity is one he released a few months ago on BBC Two followed by another one where he talks about transgender children.

      I also can’t wait to witness his in depth yet amusing views on Scientology, I have been excited ever since he announced it on Twitter. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be much like his Westboro Baptist Church documentary which I know is a lot of people’s favourite.

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