Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie. My ‘My Scientolgy Movie’ Review


I must briefly admit of my utter excitement when I first caught a glimpse of the public release of Louis Theroux’s next admirably naive endeavour. Yet, somehow I was knowingly prepared for what I was about to witness would, humorously, not be something I was truly expecting. And I must concur, that indeed, it felt like a Louis Theroux documentary and it certainly looked like one. However, something that it wasn’t, was a documentary that attempted to weave an understanding of what Scientology, as a cult, is. What Louis and his director John Dower did perfectly was neglect wasting the audience’s time on filling gaps that they already knew the answers to, and instead, this allowed for a much more focused and targeted response. Though, Louis briefly discussed the origins and manifesto of Scientology, he didn’t discuss it for the two hour period because he correctly presumed that the audience had some initial intellect on the subject (after all, it’s not as if this is the first Scientology documentary), and in result, this allowed him to progressively advance into his own direction for the film, and it was his direction that intrigued me the most. Continue reading

Grimsby. Was it a Great Success?


Sacha Baron Cohen, known well for his controversial characters, has presented the audience with a fusion of genres in his new, frantic mess of a film ‘Grimsby’. Unlike any of his previous films, ‘Grimsby’ attempts to produces a cardboard parody of some of the most beloved and experimental genres of film. The idea of introducing social realism into the comedy and spy genre should sound appealing, and it is. Cohen easily produces some memorable characters with some hilariously quotable scenes. However, this doesn’t last long as the film spirals down a rabbit-hole of predictable tropes and unoriginal ideas as the film quickly turns into an attempted parody of Johnny English’s Parody of the Spy genre. I say that because it doesn’t quite fulfill the standards of a Bond film as stereotypes are exaggerated, not for comedic purpose, but to display a disconnect from Cohen’s normal format as he plunges into the action genre for the first time in his writing career.

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Synopsis Of The Oscars. Is It A Race War?



In the modern age, award ceremonies such as the Oscars become less about showcasing talent, and more about politics. In recent news, the Academy Awards, as well as The BAFTAs have been pinned down by the media and members of the community suggesting that this year’s nominations lacked diversity. Although this statement is true, I find it strange that the race card is being used in such an unpredictable environment. I feel it’s a dire shame that there has been such a small selection of actors and actresses from minority backgrounds in this year’s awards, as there truly has some amazing talent from a variety of cultures.

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New Year’s Blogolution!


So 2016 is here and so are the unbearable ‘New year, new me’ Facebook posts. You may have noticed the new look I’ve gave the blog with updated thumbnails and a slightly changed logo. But don’t worry, it’s the same Ryan and he’s still watching films. I’m not one for new years resolutions however this year I have some great ideas for this blog, as well as some personal goals for myself.

For a start, I want to expand and improve my writing style. I feel that many of my reviews create a great discussion between the reader and myself, however I sometimes lack consistency and continuity within my writing as often I fail to discuss certain, more deeper, aspects of the films I review. My ‘Spectre’ review  was discussed in depth however, in a moment of joyful bliss, I failed to discuss the the aspects of that film which let it down and in a result I graded it much higher than I would have today.

I don’t just want to review films. I want broaden my blog with my political and cultural knowledge on film with a new series I’m deeming ‘Synopsis’. In ‘Synopsis’ we will discuss the political and cultural significance a film obtains over the audience. This may be discussing gender roles or cultural sensitisation in film. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and opinion on these subjects and vouch for you to share any ideas you have for issues you want me to discuss!

Screenwriting has been something that has continuously interested me as I strive for a future in the media industry. 2016 brings the chance for me to finally fulfil my goal of expressing my ideas onto paper. I’d like to update and share my screenplays and scripts on this blog in hopes of improving them over the course of time. I look forward to sharing my ideas!

I want to thank all my followers and readers for your commitment to my blog over 2015 and I wish you all a safe and happy 2016.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. ‘Return Of The Critic’


It’s something that I’ve followed thoroughly over the past 3 years, and for some it’s been over 30 year in the making. Since Disney took over Lucasfilm I, and many others, have been glued to a catalogue of news, rumours and videos that have been circulating the mainstream – Detailing the various updates that Disney has to offer. I’ll be honest, I did have concerns about the acquisition of LucasFilm by Disney in late 2012, but as soon as I learnt the cost and commitment of that transaction, I knew that we were in store for something spectacular. In fact, I titillated with excitement when the first teaser was announced as I scanned it 20 times over, absorbing every last detail. I was in awe when the BB-8 droid rolled out on stage during the the Star Wars Celebration and my spine tingled as I wept at the viewing of first official trailer for the Episode 7. In truth, Star Wars is a big part of my life and it’s fair to that It’s an understatement to suggest that I was excited for this film.

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Spectre. A Spectre-cle to behold.

bond.pngDaniel Craig is back for one of the most dramatic, action packed Bond film of the decade. ‘Spectre’ is the latest release from Pinewood studios and a great addition to the Bond franchise that managed to out sell and captivate cinemas nationwide. This is the first time I’ve watched Bond on the big screen and probably the first time I have truly appreciated how fun it can be to experience a film on opening day. The atmosphere and buzz from a cinema full of Bond fans excited me just as much as the film did, as I anticipated the newest Bond adventure along with everyone else who had lined up to watch this latest blockbuster. As a cinema goer I was in awe by the amount of people that were anticipating this film and it really put into perspective how a film can create a common ground amongst people of every age, race and gender. Continue reading

Top5: Bonds


To celebrate the release of the new 007 film ‘Spectre’ I am doing a Top5 countdown to the best actors who have played the charismatic spy we all know and love. It’s been over half a century since bond hit the silver screen and has been played by a multitude of actors who have each put their own style and personality to the character. Wether he was charismatic or intuitive, each bond displayed separate characteristics to make them unique from any other actor. Also don’t forget to stay tuned because I’ll have a ‘Spectre’ review coming out shortly. Continue reading

Top5: Time Travel Films

TT.pngGreat Scott, Marty! Look at the time, It’s Back To The Future Day, Marty! And to celebrate Ryan Watches Films is doing a Top5 countdown to THE best time travel movies. Yes! it’s finally here, the event 30 years in the making. It’s finally the day that Doc and Marty travelled to the future in the hit time travel film ‘Back To The future II’. The 21 of October 2015 at 7:29, the same time this article is being released, is when two of the greatest characters caused havoc and rampage in their misadventure to help Marty Mcfly’s kids. Continue reading

The Walk. A High-Rise Of Tension.

The Walk.png

Probably the most underrated film of the year, ‘The Walk’ is a well produced theatrical masterpiece that documents one of the greatest high-wire artists of all time. However, this isn’t the first film to be made about the incredibly illegal act that Philippe Petit performed. Back in 2008, British director James Marsh created a 94 minute documentary of Philippe’s Twin Tower walk using interviews, found footage and skillfully created re-enactments. The documentary is a masterpiece in itself, conveying a series of emotions and detailing the struggle that Philippe and his collaborators went through during the 6 years of planning. ‘Man On Wire’ received an impeccable 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so If you’re thinking of watching ‘The Walk’ then I highly suggest you watch this documentary as well. So the question is, was ‘The Walk’ a balancing act or a leisurely stroll? Continue reading